TecSec’s VEIL® Technology

VEIL® Technology is TecSec’s standards-based and patented key management encryption system that forms the foundation of TecSec’s product line. VEIL® is a cryptographic key management framework that answers the urgent need for information security, access management and complete recoverability of digital assets. In today’s vastly networked world with digitalized applications such as Voice Over IP (VOIP), Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP), and Virtual Private Networks (VPN), the need has never been greater to identify authorized users, protect and control sensitive information assets, and manage access to information, in compliance with privacy statutes and regulations.
VEIL® technology, utilizing the constructive key management standard, protects information down to the object level. It can secure any object from a field in a healthcare claim form—to a selected portion of a Microsoft® Word Document—to an entire file of real-time, streaming digital media. VEIL® is at the core of an advanced Role Based Access Control (RBAC) system that allows secured information to be shared among groups of users, each group having different levels of access to the secured information. VEIL® encrypts at the information level and manages information sharing relationships via cryptography. It is well understood that network perimeter defenses (firewalls, anti-virus, etc.) must be supplemented with the protection of the network content and TecSec’s VEIL® products and solutions provide the protection of the content to effectively supplement network defenses.

VEIL® Cloud

Providing Information Security in the Cloud is now possible with TecSec’s VEIL®, employing standards-based CKM technology. Access control over any digital object is established and enforced utilizing a secure, portable, federated token, combined with CKM Encryption of the object through the Cloud.

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VEIL® Mobile

TecSec’s VEIL® technology can be utilized to provide secure mobile computing on numerous mobile platforms – allowing secure communications, as well as secure banking and business transactions from your mobile devices. TecSec has partnered with State Agencies to provide mobile resources for emergency personnel, medical records, DMV records, as well as Dept of Natural Resources and Recreation Departments.

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VEIL® Enterprise Builder

VEIL® Enterprise Builder (EB) is an information access management tool designed for large organizations and powered by TecSec’s patented and standards-based VEIL® technology. EB allows you to design and implement a secure architecture for Cryptographically Enforced Access Management (CEAM™) and information sharing within your Enterprise. This methodology gives logical groupings of Members the proper levels of access to information within your organization.

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Control Systems - IOT

Connecting people through mobile computing and communication platforms, connecting roadside services through wireless infrastructures, and critically importantly, connecting Critical Infrastructure securing power grids and improving our ability to monitor and actively utilize airspace, TecSec is providing solutions through VEIL® technologies and ABAC.

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Financial Solutions

TecSec has developed a means to cryptographically protect financial transactions, whether in transit or at rest. TecSec’s VEIL® technologies have bound access privileges to the data cryptographically, formulated self-protecting data objects, and assured content security. Countermeasures deny attackers a means to intercept and obtain valuable information.

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OpenVEIL® and KeyVEIL®

OpenVEIL® is an open-source system offering a connector that allows for isolation of applications from the key management and bulk data encryption services.
KeyVEIL® is the Member facing component of TecSec’s Key Management System for generating/regenerating the keys for data encryption.

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TecSec’s Other Products and Services

TecSec provides many products and services based upon its VEIL® platform. These include: Information Assurance products for networks, mobile devices, physical access, and desktop; Dynamic, Assured Information Sharing & Access Management; Cryptographically Enforced Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC); as well as support and services related to its information assurance products.