About Jay Wack

Jay began his career in electronics via the US Army in 1967, spent 18 months in Vietnam, and was discharged in 1970. Upon his return he worked for Ampex as a field engineer while attending University of Maryland, studying Computer Science. Jay spent the next 20 years as an application engineer, specializing in microcontrollers and embedded microprocessors, representing Intel, National Semiconductor and serving the Mid-Atlantic Government market. Jay has been involved in the successful custom design of Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs) as well. In 1989, while addressing the data integrity issues on the Space Shuttle sensor network, Jay and Ed Scheidt were introduced and the two have been together as TecSec since then. In 1995, Jay took an 18 month sabbatical from TecSec to work for the US Government as a technical advisor for Smart Card programs. Jay has been awarded over a dozen US patents in the areas of cryptography and security product design.
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