TecSec&reg & Constructive Key Management (CKM&reg)

CKM&reg is a truly scalable standards-based cryptographic key management framework. CKM&reg uniquely resolves critical information security and information management issues complicated by today's vastly networked world. The need to identify authorized users, protect and control sensitive information assets, and manage access to information has never been greater. TecSec&reg patented technologies enable an enterprise to comply with privacy statutes and regulations across all of their information assets whether in transit or at rest.

Featured Product

The TecSec&reg Eagle Card&#8482 leverages Static & Dynamic Keys to deliver a true multi-owner, multi-application functionality. The Eagle Card&#8482 & PIV Applet have been fully certified in accordance with FIPS 201 (PIV) and appear on the GSA Approved Products List for HSPD-12.
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