TecSec® Incorporated

Founded in 1990, TecSec is a privately held company located in Northern Virginia’s technology corridor. TecSec’s focus is on Information Security and Information Access Management, enforced through cryptography. TecSec provides software and hardware products based upon the company’s 7th generation, standards-based Constructive Key Management (CKM®) technology, leveraging their large library of patents and still growing intellectual property.

TecSec® Provides

  • Information Assurance products for networks, mobile devices, physical access, and desktop
  • Dynamic, Assured Information Sharing & Access Management

  • Cryptographically Enforced Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC )

  • Support and services related to our information assurance products

Constructive Key Management (CKM®)

CKM® is a truly scalable standards-based cryptographic key management framework. CKM® uniquely resolves critical information security and information management issues complicated by today's vastly networked world. The need to identify authorized users, protect and control sensitive information assets, and manage access to information has never been greater. TecSec® patented technologies enable an enterprise to comply with privacy statutes and regulations across all of their information assets whether in transit or at rest.